AllPath Director web client available now!

APD web client available now!


Access the AllPath Director and all its features from any browser using the APD web client.


Intuitive UI


Hassle free automation


One touch provisioning


Data Centre visibility

Device View

State of the art Device View that provides a graphical image of any device in the network and displays all port information in a Port Details pane. It changes color to reflect LED state and allows users to toggle between the front and rear panels of the device.


Path Finder

APD's Path Finder tool allows users to view the datapath between two endpoints in a network. It can be used to select a specific port on a device and view all possible paths from that point to the endpoint. One click to identify datapath from any port!


Alarm/Audit Tables

A comprehensive alarms and audit table which provides a list of active and historical alarms and a record of all actions performed in APD. APD provisions the audit/alarm log tables to be refined by using search to filter specific info.


Network Provision

A Network Provision view allows users to view, configure and provision a data connection between two devices in their network. This easy to use approach showcases network provisioning like never before, simple, intuitive and efficient.



The APD's Northbound API is a secure API used by various clients making external requests. It provides user authentication and reflects the APD Server functionality without exposing internal functionality.

Port Status

The Port Status feature allows users to assign logical statuses to the ports of any device using APDs intuitive web UI. Users can define the status of a port to reflect whether it is being used by customer, for maintenance or for reserving a port for use in the future. This status is then communicated via the port’s LED.


Mobile App

Making accessibility easier than ever this release of the APD will also launch a companion mobile app. Initial functionality of the mobile app would allow users to easily manage ICID enabled cables.

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